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From the developer:
"Battleships General Quarters II is a human versus computer strategic naval battle game.
Both you and your opponent are in command of a fleet consisting of five ships:
* 1 Minesweeper (size 2 units)
* 1 Submarine (size 3 units)
* 1 Frigate (size 3 units)
* 1 Battleship (size 4 units)
* 1 Aircraft Carrier (size 5 units)
Your mission is to seek out and destroy all five ships of your opponent's fleet before your opponent destroys your own fleet.
The battle takes place over two game boards;
* Defensive grid
(left top - labeled 'COMPUTER')
* Offensive grid
(right bottom - labeled 'PLAYER')
The defensive grid monitors your fleet status and will show battle results from your opponent. The defensive grid reveals the deployment of your fleet and is only visible to you (your opponents cannot see you fleets position).

The offencive grid represents the sea area where your opponent's fleet has been deployed (several miles from your fleets position). Since you do not know (and cannot physically see) the exact position of your opponent's fleet, you will not see any ships here.
Battleships - General Quarters II is a turn based game. You start the game by selecting a grid coordinate on the offensive grid (labelled 'PLAYER') to fire upon.
If your shot is a miss (you hit water), you'll see/hear a water splash and your turn will end. Your computer opponent takes over which is indicated by the highlighted text above your defensive grid (labelled 'COMPUTER').
If your shot is a hit (you hit a ship segment), you'll see/hear an explosion. You remain in turn until a miss occurs. This rule applies to your opponent as well.
Since you cannot physically see your opponent's fleet, you will not know, what ship has been hit. Only if a ship has been destroyed (sunk), you will be notified what ship has been sunk so you can adjust your firing strategy."


BattleFleet Pacific War - Extended Battleship PC Game

Battleship Pacific War features:
- ships/planes/submarines can move
- maps can be from 16x16 to 96x96, with islands, land, major and minor ports
- 60 unit types, including fighters, bombers, submarines and port artillery
- more than 60 missions, death-matches and campaigns

Download FREE Pacific War - Extended Battleship Game ( 5.3Mb )
For Windows 98, XP, ME, NT, 2000; PENTIUM 233MHz, 28MB RAM, 15MB free HDD

  Standard Battleship Map:   Extended PW Battleship Game Map:  
  Battlefield map can be up to 96X96 big
  Standard Battleship Ship Types:   Extended PW Battleship Game Unit Types:  
  Only 4 ship types:


Aircraft Carrier
  Choose among 50 ship/plane/sub types

Fleet Battleship; Heavy Battleship; Medium Battleship , Fleet Carrier, Heavy Carrier, Fast Air. Carrie,Medium Carrier; Light Carrier; Escort Carrier,AntiSub Carrier; Battlecruise; AntiSub Cruiser, Fleet Cruiser; Heavy Cruiser; Hvy AntiSub Cruiser, Medium Cruiser; Light Cruiser; Escort Cruiser, Heavy Auxiliary; Medium Auxiliary; Light Auxiliary, Fleet Submarine; AntiSub Naval; Frigate, Strategic Bomber; Heavy Bomber; Bomber, Long Range Naval; Naval; Fighter, Heavy Submarine; Medium Submarine, Light Submarine, Heavy Destroyer; Medium Destroyer; Light Destroyer, Corvette; Patrol Boat; Torpedo Boat, Heavy Transport; Medium Transport; Light Transport, Heavy Port Artillery, Medium Port Artillery, Light Port Artillery

  Battleship Game Move:   Extended PW Battleship Game Move:  
Ships can not move
Ships can move

  Battleship Game Missions:   Extended PW Battleship Game Campaigns:  
Extra scenarios: NONE
4 Campaigns:

  Battleship Game Objectives:   Extended PW Battleship Game Objectives:  
Only one game objective:
-eliminate all enemy ships
* Conquer all enemy major ports
* Defend your ports
* Destroy enemy class ships
* Eliminate as many as possible enemy combat or transport units.
* Secure transport convoy to the friendly port

  Battleship Game Extra Units:   Extended PW Battleship Game Extra Units:  
Player can purchase new ships/planes/subs during the game

  Battleship Game Missions:   Extended PW Battleship Game Missions:  
  Battleship Game Bismarck; Pearl Harbor Mission
Coral Sea Battle; Imperial Ocean Battle; Battleship Game Midway; Battleship Game Perth; Target: Los Angeles; Pacific War; Leyte Transport; Emperor Hirohito; Brisbane Convoy; Iwo Jima; Luftwaffe Pacific; Clear West Coast; US Marines; Fall of Australia;
Leyte Battleship Game; Japan Battleship Game; Pacific Cruisers; Hawaii Attack; West Pacific; Road to Okinawa; Yamato Battleship Game
  Battleship Game Death-Match:  

Extended PW Battleship Game Death-Match Scenarios:

  - Free Hunt: Andrews; German on Pacific; Submarines; Return to Midway; FH Spruance; FH Halsey; Free Hunt: Doenitz; Royal Australian AF Hunt; FH U-Boats; FH Carriers; FH Hawaii; Free Hunt: Yamato; FH Iwo Jima; FH Pacific; FH Convoy; Pearl Harbor  

Download Pacific War - Extended Battleship Game ( 5.3Mb )
For Windows 98, XP, ME, NT, 2000; PENTIUM 233MHz, 28MB RAM, 15MB free HDD

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