Battleship Game
BattleFleet - Pacific War

for Windows 98, XP, ME, NT, 2000; PENTIUM 233MHz, 28MB RAM, 15MB free HDD

The Ultimate FREE PC Battleship Game

The basic idea of Battleship - Pacific War is to build an ultimate extension to the classic Battleship Game. In short: Battleship Pacific War features:
- ships/planes/submarines can move
- maps can be from 16x16 to 96x96, with islands, land, major and minor ports
- 60 unit types, including fighters, bombers, submarines and port artillery
- more than 60 missions, death-matches and campaigns

Download FREE Pacific War - Extended Battleship Game ( 5.3Mb )

  Standard Battleship Map:   Extended Battleship Game Map:  
    Battlefield map can be up to 96X96 big
  Standard Battleship Ship Types:   Extended Battleship Game Unit Types:  
  Only 4 ship types:


Aircraft Carrier
  Choose among 50 ship/plane/sub types

Fleet Battleship; Heavy Battleship; Medium Battleship , Fleet Carrier, Heavy Carrier, Fast Air. Carrie,Medium Carrier; Light Carrier; Escort Carrier,AntiSub Carrier; Battlecruise; AntiSub Cruiser, Fleet Cruiser; Heavy Cruiser; Hvy AntiSub Cruiser, Medium Cruiser; Light Cruiser; Escort Cruiser, Heavy Auxiliary; Medium Auxiliary; Light Auxiliary, Fleet Submarine; AntiSub Naval; Frigate, Strategic Bomber; Heavy Bomber; Bomber, Long Range Naval; Naval; Fighter, Heavy Submarine; Medium Submarine, Light Submarine, Heavy Destroyer; Medium Destroyer; Light Destroyer, Corvette; Patrol Boat; Torpedo Boat, Heavy Transport; Medium Transport; Light Transport, Heavy Port Artillery, Medium Port Artillery, Light Port Artillery

  Standard Battleship Game Move:   Extended Battleship Game Move:  
Ships can not move
Ships can move

  Standard Battleship Missions:   Extended Battleship Game Campaigns:  
Extra scenarios: NONE
4 Campaigns:

  Standard Battleship Objectives:   Extended Battleship Game Objectives:  
Only one game objective:
-eliminate all enemy ships
* Conquer all enemy major ports
* Defend your ports
* Destroy enemy class ships
* Eliminate as many as possible enemy combat or transport units.
* Secure transport convoy to the friendly port

  Standard Battleship Extra Units:   Extended Battleship Game Extra Units:  
Player can purchase new ships/planes/subs during the game

  Standard Battleship Game Missions:   Extended Battleship Game Missions:  
Battleship Game Bismarck
Pearl Harbor Mission
Coral Sea Battle
Imperial Ocean Battle
Battleship Game Midway
Battleship Game Perth
Target: Los Angeles
Pacific War
Leyte Transport
Emperor Hirohito
Brisbane Convoy
Iwo Jima
Luftwaffe Pacific
Clear West Coast
US Marines
Fall of Australia
Leyte Battleship Game
Japan Battleship Game
Pacific Cruisers
Hawaii Attack
West Pacific
Road to Okinawa
Yamato Battleship Game
  Standard Battleship Death-Match:   Extended Battleship Death-Match Scenarios:  
- Free Hunt: Andrews
- German on Pacific
- Submarines !
- Return to Midway
- Free Hunt: Spruance
- Free Hunt: Halsey
- Free Hunt: Doenitz
- Royal Australian AF Hunt
- Free Hunt: U-Boats
- Free Hunt: Carriers
- Free Hunt: Hawaii
- Free Hunt: Yamato
- Free Hunt: Iwo Jima
- Free Hunt: Pacific
- Free Hunt: Convoy
- Free H. Pearl Harbor

Download FREE Pacific War - Extended Battleship Game ( 5.3Mb )

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