Russian Helicopter KA50 Black Shark - Werewolf

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Ka-50 "Black Shark" is a single-seat attack helicopter for destroying armored vehicles, slow-speed air targets and manpower on the battlefield.

Coaxial Ka50 helicopter has two three-blade rotors of 14.5-m diameter each. The polymeric composite blade is attached to the hub by a torsion bar. The airframe features perfect aerodynamic outlines, mid-set stub wing, retractable three-leg landing gear and empennage of a fixed-wing aircraft type. The pilot cockpit is fully armored. The emergency pilot escape system, comprising an ejection seat, saves the pilot within the entire flight speed and altitude range.
A set of improved survivability means allows Ka-50 to attack successfully the specified targets and to survive under intensive fire counteraction.

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A coaxial rotor helicopter features: higher power-to-weight ratio due to the absence of power losses for a tail rotor; 1.5...2 times lower inertia moments of the helicopter; ability to perform a pedal (flat) turn within the full flight speed range; the best vertical rate of climb and hovering ceiling.
The load factor of 3.5G combined with the above unique qualities allows the helicopter to perform combat maneuvers within the minimum air area and the shortest time to gain an advantageous attack position.


Country of Origin Russia
Builder KAMOV
Role Antihelicopter and gunship
Similar Aircraft Hirundo A109, Mangusta A129, AH-64 Apache, AH-1F Cobra
Blades Main rotor: 6 (2 heads, 3 blades each) Tail rotor: None
Rotor diameter 14.5 meters
Wing span 7.34 meters
Length rotors turning: 16 meters
fuselage: 15.0 meters
Height gear extended: 4.93 meters
gear retracted: 4 meters
Cargo Compartment Dimensions Negligible
Engines 2x 2,200-shp Klimov TV3-117VK turboshaft
Weight Maximum Gross: 10,800 kg
Normal Takeoff: 9,800 kg
Empty: 7,692 kg
Standard Payload External weapons load: 2,500 kg on 4 under-wing stores points.
Speed Maximum (level): 340 km/h (est.)
Cruise: 270-310 km/h
Sideward: 100+ km/h, Rearward: 100+ km/h
Turn Rate unlimited
Max “G” Force +3 to +3.5 g
Ceiling Service: 5,500 meters
Hover (out of ground effect): 4,000 meters
Hover (in ground effect): 5,500 meters
Vertical Climb Rate 10 m/s
Fuel (liters) Internal: INA
External Fuel Tank: 500 ea. (max 4x)
Range (km) Maximum Load: INA
Normal Load: 460
With Aux Fuel: INA
  • 1x 2A42 30-mm cannon [250 HE-Frag + 250 AP]
  • 2 - AT-16 VIKhR ATGM (6 each)
  • 2 - 80-mm rockets (20 each)
  • 2 - Twin 23-mm gun pods [940 rounds]
  • 4 - 500-kg bombs
  • 2 - AA-11/ARCHER AAM
  • External fuel tanks (500 liters)

    30-mm Automatic Cannon, 2A42:
    Range: effective 3,000 m
    Elevation: -45? to +10?
    Traverse: ?15?
    Ammo type and rate of fire is selectable by pilot (HE or AP, 350 or 600)

    Most Probable Armament:

  • Fuselage-mounted 30-mm cannon on right side
  • 80-mm rockets
  • AT-16 VIKhR ATGMs [ATGM racks can depress to 12?]
  • The HOKUM uses a low-light level TV or thermal sighting, a laser range-finder (10 km), FLIR, air data sensor, and digital data-link which interface with a fire control com-puter, an autopilot, a helmet sighting system and HUD for target location, acquisition, designation, and firing. Night/Weather Capabilities:
  • This aircraft’s avionics package ensuring a full day/night, all weather capability. If it is to be employed at night in an attack role, it must be fitted with a night targeting pod. This pod includes a FLIR, a millimeter wave radar, and an electro-optical sight takes up one of the underwing pylons. The Ka-50N, and Ka-52 are capable of performing attack missions in day/night, and all-weather conditions.
  • The French companies Thomson-CSF, and Sextant Avionique offer nav/attack systems, which can be fitted to export variants.
  • Survivability/Countermeasures
  • Main rotors and engines electrically deiced.
  • Infrared signature suppressors can be mounted on engine exhausts.
  • Radar warning receivers, IFF, chaff and flares.
  • Armored cockpit and self-sealing fuel tanks.
  • Pilot ejection system.
  • Crew 1 (pilots, 2 in Ka-52)
    User Countries Preproduction in Russia. An initial fielding plan is for 2 per year for 14 years.

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