List of Ship Types


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Battleship War Naval Strategy Game
Naval strategy battleship game covers complete World War 2 navy operations, contains 150 missions, Death-Match and Free Hunt scenarios & campaigns from Lamansh and Pearl Harbor to the Italy, Iwo Jima and Leyte battle. Player can produce new ships/planes/subs/artillery/radar unit types during the game
List of naval ship types in service

# 1 Aircraft carriers

* 1.1 Centaur class aircraft carrier
* 1.2 Chakri Naruebet class aircraft carrier
* 1.3 Charles de Gaulle nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
* 1.4 Clemenceau class aircraft carrier
* 1.5 USS Enterprise nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
* 1.6 Giuseppe Garibaldi class aircraft carrier
USS Ronald Reagan
USS Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier
USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier
Naval Navy Tactics ASW AAW
5th US Fleet
US 6th Fleet
US 7th Fleet
USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier
USS Forrestal
USN Cruisers
USN Destroyers
US Navy
Amphibious Assault Ships - LHA/LHD/LHA(R)
SSN Attack Sumbarines 1
USN Frigates
USN Patrol Ships
World War 2 Edition

Battleship Game
World War 2
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Battleship Game - WW2 Naval Strategy: No1
Battleship Game for PC and No3 Aircraft Carrier Game on World Net
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Pearl Harbor Game
Atlantic Game 1943
Sink Cruisers Game
Midway Game
Iwo Jima Game
US Marines Game
Luftwaffe Game Pacific
Torpedo Game Boats
Bismarck Game Pacific
Destroy RAF Game
Us Navy Submarine Game
Fleet Submarines Game
Kamikaze Game
U Boat Game
Singapore Game
Swordfish Hunt
Patrol Boats
Air Supremacy
Battleships Game
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Fall Of Australia
Battle For Leyte
Conquer Of Japan
HMAS Perth
Road To Okinawa
Orange Ports
Emperor Defense
Prince Of Wales
San Bernardino
Pacific Race
Heavy Duty
Tokio Express
Operation Sidney
Bomber Operation
Conquer Of Italy
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Frigate Hunt
Santa Cruz
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Azores Transport
Norway Convoy
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Drang Nach Ost
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Germans On Pacific
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Free Hunt Japan
Free Hunt RAAF
Free Hunt U Boat Game
Free Hunt Aircraft Carriers Game
Free Hunt Hawaii
Free Hunt Yamato Game
Free Hunt Iwo Jima Game
Free Hunt Pacific Game
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Free Hunt Convoy
Free Hunt Germany
Free Hunt Germany II
Free Hunt Italy
Free Hunt Malaya
Free Hunt Subs Game
Free Hunt B-29 Game
Free Hunt USN 1944
Devil Island
Dragoon Carriers

List of Ship Types

Ships are difficult to classify, mainly because there are so many criteria to base classification on. One classification is based on propulsion; with ships categorised as either a sailing ship or a motorship. Sailing ships are ships which are propelled solely by means of sails. Motorships are ships which are propelled by mechanical means to propel itself. Motorships include ships that propel itself through the use of both sail and mechanical means.

Other classification systems exist that use criteria such as:

* The number of hulls, giving categories like monohull, catamaran, trimaran.
* The shape and size, giving categories like dinghy, keelboat, and icebreaker.
* The building materials used, giving steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and plastic.
* The type of propulsion system used, giving human-propelled, mechanical, and sails.
* The epoch in which the vessel was used, triremes of Ancient Greece, man' o' wars, eighteenth century.
* The geographic origin of the vessel, many vessels are associated with a particular region, such as the pinnace of Northern Europe, the gondolas of Venice, and the junks of China.
* The manufacturer, series, or class.

Another way to categorize ships and boats is based on their use. This system includes military ships, commercial vessels, fishing boats, pleasure craft and competitive boats. In this section, ships are classified using the first four of those categories, and adding a section for lake and river boats, and one for vessels which fall outside these categories.

Aircraft carrier
Amphibious assault ship
Amphibious transport dock
Anti-submarine warfare carrier
Armored cruiser
Arsenal ship
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Bermuda sloop
Bomb ketch
Bulk carrier
CAM ship
Capital ship
Cargo ship
Clyde puffer
Clyde steamer
Cog (ship)
Command ship
Concrete ship
Container ship
Convoy rescue ship
Cruise ship
Destroyer escort
Diving support vessel
Double-hulled tanker
Durham Boat
East Indiaman
East Indiaman G?theborg
Escort aircraft carrier
Fast combat support ship
Fire ship
Flotilla leader
F cont.
Ghost ship
Guard ship
Heavy cruiser
Hermaphrodite brig
USCG high endurance cutter
Hospital ship
Hulk (ship)
Ironclad warship
Junk (sailing)
Tank landing ship
Lake freighter
Landing Platform, Helicopter
Landing craft
Landing craft tank
Liberty ship
Light cruiser
Man of war
Merchant aircraft carrier
Merchant raider
Minesweeper (ship)
Monitor warship type
Mother ship
Museum ship
Naval Combatant
Naval ship
Nuclear powered icebreaker
OBO carrier
Ocean escort
Ocean liner
PT boat
Paddle steamer
Passenger ship
Patrol boat
Pilot boat
Platform supply vessel
Pocket battleship
Protected cruiser
Railroad car floats
Receiving ship
Reefer (ship)
Research vessel
River gunboat
River monitor
Sailing ship
School ship
Screw frigate
Seaplane tender
Seventy-four (ship)
Sewn boat
Ship of the line
Stone frigate
Straight decker
Submarine tender
Superliner (passenger ship)
Surface effect ship
Surface ship
Survey ship
Swath Ship
T2 tanker
Tall ship
Target ship
Torpedo boat
Train ferry
Tramp steamer
Treenailed boat
Turret Deck Ship
Turret ship
Twin screw steamer
Victory ship
Weather ship

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* 1.7 Invincible class VSTOL aircraft carrier
* 1.8 Admiral Kuznetsov class (Project 1143.5) aircraft carrier
* 1.9 Nimitz (CVN 68) class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

1.10 Pr?ncipe de Asturias class aircraft carrier

# 2 Cruisers

* 2.1 De Zeven Provinci?n class gun cruiser
* 2.2 Jeanne d'Arc helicopter cruiser
* 2.3 Kirov class battlecruiser
* 2.4 Slava class (Project 1164 Atlant) missile cruiser
* 2.5 Ticonderoga (CG 47) class guided missile cruiser

Turn-based WW2 naval game, extension to the classic Submarine game (Battleship game) where ships/planes/subs can move. Contains plenty of game missions, game campaigns and 40 ship, submarine, airplane ana port artillery types, with combat maps up to 96X96 large.
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The user-friendly game engine allows more than 60 unit types, including planet battleships, galaxy cruisers, death-stars, stealth units, star destroyers, air-space interceptors, explorers, planet artillery and radars.
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# 3 Destroyers

* 3.1 Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) class destroyer
* 3.2 Asagiri class destroyer
* 3.3 Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin (KDX-II) class destroyer
* 3.4 Delhi class destroyer
* 3.5 Durand De la Penne class destroyer
* 3.6 Gwanggaeto the Great (KDX-1 Okpo) class destroyer
* 3.7 Haruna class destroyer
* 3.8 Hatakaze class destroyer
* 3.9 Hatsuyuki class destroyer
* 3.10 Iroquois-class destroyer
* 3.11 Kara (Project 1134B) Berkut B type
* 3.12 Kashin (Project 61M) class destroyer
* 3.13 Kidd class destroyer
* 3.14 Kongo class destroyer
* 3.15 Luda (Type 051) class destroyer
* 3.16 Luhai class (Type 051B) destroyer
* 3.17 Luhu (Type 052) class destroyer
* 3.18 Luyang class (Type 052B) destroyer
* 3.19 Luyang II class (Type 052C) destroyer
* 3.20 Murasame class destroyer
* 3.21 Sejong the Great (KDX-III) class destroyer
* 3.22 Sovremenny (Project 952 Sarych) class destroyer
* 3.23 Shirane class destroyer
* 3.24 Tachikaze class destroyer
* 3.25 Takanami class destroyer
* 3.26 Tourville (Type F67) class destroyer
* 3.27 Type 42 destroyer
* 3.28 Udaloy (Project 1155 Fregat) class type

# 4 Frigates

* 4.1 Abukuma class destroyer escort
* 4.2 ?lvaro de Baz?n (F100) class frigate
* 4.3 Anzac class frigate
* 4.4 Artigliere class Patrol
* 4.5 Beskytteren class frigate
* 4.6 Brahmaputra class frigate
* 4.7 Brandenburg class frigate
* 4.8 Bremen class frigate
* 4.9 Cassard class frigate
* 4.10 Commandant Rivicre class frigate
* 4.11 De Zeven Provinci?n class frigate
* 4.12 Flor?al class frigate
* 4.13 Formidable class frigate
* 4.14 Fridtjof Nansen class frigate
* 4.15 Georges Leygues (Type F70) class frigate
* 4.16 Godavari class frigate
* 4.17 Halifax-class frigate
* 4.18 Hydra class frigate
* 4.19 Ishikari class destroyer escort
* 4.20 Jianghu (Project 053H) class frigate
* 4.21 Jiangkai (Type 054) class frigate
* 4.22 Jiangwei (Type 055/057/059) class frigate
* 4.23 Karel Doorman class frigate
* 4.24 Kasturi class frigate
* 4.25 Knox class frigate
* 4.26 Koni (Project 1159) class frigate
* 4.27 Krivak (Project 1135 Burevestnik) class frigate
* 4.28 La Fayette class frigate
* 4.29 Leander class frigate
* 4.30 Lekiu class frigate
* 4.31 Lupo class frigate
* 4.32 Maestrale class frigate
* 4.33 Neustrashimy class frigate
* 4.34 Niter?i class frigate
* 4.35 Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7) class frigate
* 4.36 Sachsen class frigate
* 4.37 Thetis (StanFlex 3000) class frigate
* 4.38 Type 21 frigate
* 4.39 Type 22 frigate
* 4.40 Type 23 frigate
* 4.41 Ulsan class frigate
* 4.42 Valour (MEKO A-200) class frigate
* 4.43 Vasco da Gama class frigate
* 4.44 Wielingen class frigate
* 4.45 Yubari class destroyer escort
* 4.46 Zagreb / Kotor class frigate

# 5 Corvettes

* 5.1 Braunschweig class corvette
* 5.2 Sa'ar 5 (Eilat) class corvette
* 5.3 D'Estienne d'Orves (Type A69) class aviso

# 6 Large patrol vessels

* 6.1 Hamilton class cutter
* 6.2 Nordkapp class OPV
* 6.3 Cgir class OPV

# 7 Minor surface combatants

* 7.1 Missile boats
o 7.1.1 Gepard class fast attack craft
o 7.1.2 Hamina (Rauma 2000) class missile boat
o 7.1.3 Helsinki class missile boat
o 7.1.4 Houjian class (Type 37-II) large missile boat
o 7.1.5 Skjold class patrol boat
o 7.1.6 Rauma class missile boat
* 7.2 Torpedo boats
* 7.3 Patrol boats

# 8 Mine warfare vessels

* 8.1 Mine countermeasures vessels
* 8.2 Minehunters
o 8.2.1 Frankenthal class mine hunter
o 8.2.2 Kulmbach class mine hunter
o 8.2.3 Tripartite minehunter
* 8.3 Minesweepers
o 8.3.1 Ensdorf class minesweeper
o 8.3.2 Seehund ROV (part of the TROIKA Plus system of the Ensdorf class mine sweepers)
* 8.4 Minelayers
o 8.4.1 H?meenmaa class minelayer
o 8.4.2 Pansio class minelayer
o 8.4.3 Pohjanmaa class minelayer

# 9 Amphibious warfare vessels

* 9.1 Amphibious assault ships
* 9.2 Amphibious transport docks
* 9.3 Landing Ship Tank (LST)
* 9.4 Medium landing craft
* 9.5 Hovercraft landing craft



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List of Ship Types