List of German Navy Ships World War 2

BATTLESHIPS (Schlachtschiffe), AIRCRAFT CARRIERS (Flugzeugtrager); HEAVY CRUISERS (Schwere Kreuzer),
CRUISERS ( Kreuzer), ( Hilfskreuzer ), DESTROYERS


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Battleship Tirpitz
List of German Navy Ships WW2 Graf Zeppelin Battleships Tirpitz, Scharnhorst Admiral Graf Spee U-Boats Types 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D Kriegsmarine Submarines Types U-Flak, 7A, 7B, 7C, 7C/41, 7C/42, 7D, 7F Kriegsmarine Submarines: U-Boats Type 9A, 9B, 9C, 9C/40, 9D, 14 Submarines: Type XXI , Type XXIII Grand Admiral Karl Donitz, Erich Raeder
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List of German KriegsMarine Ships World War 2

The Kriegsmarine was the navy of Germany from 1935 to 1945. It superseded the Imperial German Navy of WW1 and the inter-war Reichsmarine. The Kriegsmarine was one of three official branches of the Wehrmacht, the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

The Kriegsmarine grew rapidly during German naval rearmament in the 1930s . In January 1939 Plan Z was ordered, calling for the construction of many naval vessels. The ships of the Kriegsmarine fought during the Spanish Civil War and World War II. The Commander-in-Chief of the Kriegsmarine (as for all branches of armed forces during the period of absolute Nazi power) was Adolf Hitler, who exercised his authority through the Oberkommando der Marine.

The Kriegsmarine most famous ships were the U-boats, most of which were constructed after Plan Z was abandoned at the beginning of World War II. Wolfpacks were rapidly assembled groups of submarines which attacked British convoys during the first half of the Battle of the Atlantic but this tactic was largely abandoned in the second half of the war. Along with the U-boats, surface commerce raiders (including auxiliary cruisers) were used to disrupt Allied shipping in the early years of the war, the most famous of these being the heavy cruisers Admiral Graf Spee and Admiral Scheer and the battleship Bismarck. However, the adoption of convoy escorts, especially in the Atlantic, greatly reduced the effectiveness of commerce raiders against convoys.

After the end of the Second World War, the Kriegsmarine's remaining ships were divided up amongst the Allied powers and were used for various purposes including minesweeping.

The Kriegsmarine saw as her main tasks the controlling of the Baltic Sea and winning a war against France in connection with the German army, because France was seen as the most likely enemy in the event of war. But in 1938 Hitler wanted to have the possibility of winning a war against Great Britain at sea in the coming years. Therefore he ordered plans for such a fleet from the Kriegsmarine. From the three proposed plans (X, Y and Z) he approved Plan Z in January 1939. This blueprint for the new German naval construction program envisaged building a navy of approximately 800 ships during the period 1939–1947. Hitler demanded that the program was to be completed by 1945. The main force of Plan Z were six H-class battleships. In the version of Plan Z drawn up in August 1939 the German fleet was planned to consist of the following ships by 1945:

4 aircraft carriers
10 battleships
12 battlecruisers
3 armored ships (Panzerschiffe)
5 heavy cruisers
44 light cruisers
158 destroyers and torpedo boats
249 submarines
Numerous smaller craft

Personnel strength was planned to rise to over 200,000.

The planned naval program was not very far advanced by the time World War 2 began. In 1939 two M-class cruisers and two H-class battleships were laid down and parts for two further H-class battleships and three O-class battlecruisers were in production. The strength of the German fleet at the beginning of the war was not even 20% of Plan Z. On 1 September 1939, the navy still had a total personnel strength of only 78,000, and it was not at all ready for a major role in the war. Because of the long time it would take to get the Plan Z fleet ready for action and shortage in workers and material in wartime, Plan Z was essentially shelved in September 1939 and the resources allocated for its realization were largely redirected to the construction of U-boats, which would be ready for war against the United Kingdom quicker.

WW2 German battleships (Schlachtschiffe)



WW2 German aircraft carriers (Flugzeugtrager)

Graf Zeppelin

WW2 German heavy cruisers (Schwere Kreuzer)

Admiral Hipper
Prinz Eugen

Lützow (ex Deutschland)
Admiral Scheer
Admiral Graf Spee

WW2 German cruisers ( Kreuzer)

"K" Class



WW2 German light / auxiliary cruisers ( Hilfskreuzer )

Orion (HSK 1, Schiff 36)
Atlantis (HSK 2, Schiff 16)
Widder (HSK 3, Schiff 21)
Thor (HSK 4, Schiff 10)
Pinguin (HSK 5, Schiff 33)
Stier (HSK 6, Schiff 23)
Komet (HSK 7, Schiff 45)
Kormoran (HSK 8, Schiff 41)
Michel (HSK 9, Schiff 28)
Coronel (HSK 10, Schiff 14)
Hansa (Schiff 5)

WW2 German destroyers

Z 5 "Paul Jacobi"
Z 6 "Theodor Riedel"
Z 7 "Hermann Schoemann"
Z 8 "BrunHeinemann"
Z 9 "Wolfgang Zenker"
Z 10 "Hans Lody"
Z 11 "Bernd von Arnim"
Z 12 "Erich Giese"
Z 13 "Erich Koellner"
Z 14 "Friedrich Ihn"
Z 15 "Erich Steinbrinck"
Z 16 "Friedrich Eckoldt
Z 17 "Diether von Roeder"
Z 18 "Hans Lüdemann"
Z 19 "Hermann Künne"
Z 20 "Karl Galster"
Z 21 "Wilhelm Heidkamp"
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WW2 German Submarines (Unterseeboot)

3.1 Fleet and attack submarines
3.1.1 Type 212
3.1.2 Type XXI
3.1.3 Type XVIII
3.1.4 Type IXD
3.1.5 Type IXC/40
3.1.6 Type IXC
3.1.7 Type IXB
3.1.8 Type IX
3.1.9 Type VIIC/42
3.1.10 Type IA
3.1.11 Type VIIC/41
3.1.12 Type VIIC
3.1.13 Type VIIB
3.1.14 Type VIIA
3.2 Coastal submarines
3.2.1 Type 206A
3.2.2 Type 205
3.2.3 Type 201
3.2.4 Type IID
3.2.5 Type IIC
3.2.6 Type IIB
3.2.7 Type IIA
3.2.8 Type XXIII

WW2 German Special purpose submarines

4.1 Type UC-90 (or UC-III) long-range mine laying submarine
4.2 Type UE-II long-range mine laying submarine
4.3 Type XB mine laying submarine
4.4 Type XIV supply submarine
4.5 Type VIIF torpedsupply submarine
4.6 Type VIID mine laying submarine
4.7 Type XVIIB research submarine
4.8 Hans Techel class (Type 202)
4.9 Type XVIIA research submarine

WW2 German Midget submarines

5.1 Type XXVIIB5 Seehund
5.2 Type XXVII Hecht
5.3 Molch
5.4 Biber

WW2 German Surface combatants

6.1 Frigates (Fregatten)
6.1.1 Sachsen class (Type 124)
6.1.2 F125 class (Type 125)
6.1.3 Brandenburg class (Type 123)
6.1.4 Bremen class (Type 122)
6.1.5 Köln class (Type 120)
6.2 Corvettes (Korvette)
6.2.1 Braunschweig class (Type 130)
6.2.2 Flottenbegleiter
6.3 Torpedboats (Torpedoboot)
6.3.1 Type 1916 (Mob)
6.3.2 Type 1924
6.3.3 Type 1916 (Mob)
6.3.4 Type 1923
6.3.5 Type 1937
6.3.6 Type 1935
6.3.7 Type 1913
6.3.8 Type 1906
6.3.9 Type 1911
6.3.10 Type 1898
6.3.11 Type 1916
6.3.12 Type 1915
6.3.13 Type 1897
6.3.14 Type 1892
6.3.15 Type 1885
6.3.16 Type 1914
6.4 Fast attack craft (Schnellboot)
6.4.1 Albatros class (Type 143)
6.4.2 Gepard class (Type 143A)
6.4.3 Tiger class (Type 148)
6.4.4 Zobel class (Type 142)
6.4.5 Seeadler class (Type 141)
6.4.6 Jaguar class (Type 140)
6.4.7 Type 1939/40
6.4.8 Type 1939
6.4.9 Type 1937
6.4.10 Type 1934
6.4.11 Type 1933
6.4.12 Nasty class (Type 152)
6.4.13 Type 1931
6.4.14 Leichte Schnellboote

WW2 German Mine warfare vessels

7.1 Mine hunters (Minensuchboot)
7.1.1 Sperrbrecher
7.1.2 Type 1935
7.1.3 Type 1943
7.1.4 Type 1941
7.1.5 Ensdorf class (Type 352)
7.1.6 Frankenthal class (Type 332)
7.1.7 Kulmbach class (Type 333)
7.1.8 Seehund ROV
7.1.9 Type 1916
7.1.10 Type 1915
7.1.11 Type 1914
7.1.12 Flachgehende Minensuchboote
7.1.13 Minenräumboot
7.2 Mine layers (Minenleger)
7.2.1 Albatross
7.2.2 Auxiliary mine layer (Hilfsminenleger)
7.2.3 Küstenminenleger

WW2 German Amphibious warfare vessels

8.1 Landing craft (Landungsboote)
8.1.1 Barbe class (Type 520)
8.1.2 Type 554
8.1.3 Type 521
8.1.4 Type 552

WW2 German Auxiliary ships

9.1 Tenders and replenishment ships
9.1.1 Berlin class (Type 702)
9.1.2 Rhön class (Type 704A)
9.1.3 Elbe class (Type 404)
9.1.4 Walchensee class (Type 703)
9.2 Surveillance, reconnaissance, and ELINT ships
9.2.1 Oste class (Type 423)
9.3 Research ships
9.3.1 Alliance class (Type 753) Research ship
9.3.2 Planet class (Type 751) Research ship
9.3.3 Helmsand class (Type 748) Trial and fleet service ship
9.3.4 Wilhelm Pullwer class (Type 741) Trial boat
9.4 Tugs
9.4.1 Wangerooge class (Type 722)
9.4.2 Helgoland class (Type 720)
9.5 Icebreakers
9.5.1 Eisvogel class (Type 721)
9.6 Training ships (Schulschiffe)
9.6.1 Deutschland (Type 440)
9.6.2 Gorch Fock (Type 441)
9.7 Transport ships
9.7.1 Westerwald class (Type 760)
9.8 Oil recovery ships
9.8.1 Bottsand class

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List of naval ship types in service

1. Aircraft carriers

* 1.1 Centaur class aircraft carrier
* 1.2 Chakri Naruebet class aircraft carrier
* 1.3 Charles de Gaulle nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
* 1.4 Clemenceau class aircraft carrier
* 1.5 USS Enterprise nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
* 1.6 Giuseppe Garibaldi class aircraft carrier
* 1.7 Invincible class VSTOL aircraft carrier
* 1.8 Admiral Kuznetsov class (Project 1143.5) aircraft carrier
* 1.9 Nimitz (CVN 68) class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

1.10 Príncipe de Asturias class aircraft carrier

2. Cruisers

* 2.1 De Zeven Provinciën class gun cruiser
* 2.2 Jeanne d'Arc helicopter cruiser
* 2.3 Kirov class battlecruiser
* 2.4 Slava class (Project 1164 Atlant) missile cruiser
* 2.5 Ticonderoga (CG 47) class guided missile cruiser

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3. Destroyers

* 3.1 Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) class destroyer
* 3.2 Asagiri class destroyer
* 3.3 Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin (KDX-II) class destroyer
* 3.4 Delhi class destroyer
* 3.5 Durand De la Penne class destroyer
* 3.6 Gwanggaetthe Great (KDX-1 Okpo) class destroyer
* 3.7 Haruna class destroyer
* 3.8 Hatakaze class destroyer
* 3.9 Hatsuyuki class destroyer
* 3.10 Iroquois-class destroyer
* 3.11 Kara (Project 1134B) Berkut B type
* 3.12 Kashin (Project 61M) class destroyer
* 3.13 Kidd class destroyer
* 3.14 Kongclass destroyer
* 3.15 Luda (Type 051) class destroyer
* 3.16 Luhai class (Type 051B) destroyer
* 3.17 Luhu (Type 052) class destroyer
* 3.18 Luyang class (Type 052B) destroyer
* 3.19 Luyang II class (Type 052C) destroyer
* 3.20 Murasame class destroyer
* 3.21 Sejong the Great (KDX-III) class destroyer
* 3.22 Sovremenny (Project 952 Sarych) class destroyer
* 3.23 Shirane class destroyer
* 3.24 Tachikaze class destroyer
* 3.25 Takanami class destroyer
* 3.26 Tourville (Type F67) class destroyer
* 3.27 Type 42 destroyer
* 3.28 Udaloy (Project 1155 Fregat) class type

4. Frigates

* 4.1 Abukuma class destroyer escort
* 4.2 Álvarde Bazán (F100) class frigate
* 4.3 Anzac class frigate
* 4.4 Artigliere class Patrol
* 4.5 Beskytteren class frigate
* 4.6 Brahmaputra class frigate
* 4.7 Brandenburg class frigate
* 4.8 Bremen class frigate
* 4.9 Cassard class frigate
* 4.10 Commandant Rivicre class frigate
* 4.11 De Zeven Provinciën class frigate
* 4.12 Floréal class frigate
* 4.13 Formidable class frigate
* 4.14 Fridtjof Nansen class frigate
* 4.15 Georges Leygues (Type F70) class frigate
* 4.16 Godavari class frigate
* 4.17 Halifax-class frigate
* 4.18 Hydra class frigate
* 4.19 Ishikari class destroyer escort
* 4.20 Jianghu (Project 053H) class frigate
* 4.21 Jiangkai (Type 054) class frigate
* 4.22 Jiangwei (Type 055/057/059) class frigate
* 4.23 Karel Doorman class frigate
* 4.24 Kasturi class frigate
* 4.25 Knox class frigate
* 4.26 Koni (Project 1159) class frigate
* 4.27 Krivak (Project 1135 Burevestnik) class frigate
* 4.28 La Fayette class frigate
* 4.29 Leander class frigate
* 4.30 Lekiu class frigate
* 4.31 Lupclass frigate
* 4.32 Maestrale class frigate
* 4.33 Neustrashimy class frigate
* 4.34 Niterói class frigate
* 4.35 Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7) class frigate
* 4.36 Sachsen class frigate
* 4.37 Thetis (StanFlex 3000) class frigate
* 4.38 Type 21 frigate
* 4.39 Type 22 frigate
* 4.40 Type 23 frigate
* 4.41 Ulsan class frigate
* 4.42 Valour (MEKA-200) class frigate
* 4.43 Vascda Gama class frigate
* 4.44 Wielingen class frigate
* 4.45 Yubari class destroyer escort
* 4.46 Zagreb / Kotor class frigate

# 5 Corvettes

* 5.1 Braunschweig class corvette
* 5.2 Sa'ar 5 (Eilat) class corvette
* 5.3 D'Estienne d'Orves (Type A69) class aviso

# 6 Large patrol vessels

* 6.1 Hamilton class cutter
* 6.2 Nordkapp class OPV
* 6.3 Cgir class OPV

# 7 Minor surface combatants

* 7.1 Missile boats
7.1.1 Gepard class fast attack craft
7.1.2 Hamina (Rauma 2000) class missile boat
7.1.3 Helsinki class missile boat
7.1.4 Houjian class (Type 37-II) large missile boat
7.1.5 Skjold class patrol boat
7.1.6 Rauma class missile boat
* 7.2 Torpedboats
* 7.3 Patrol boats

# 8 Mine warfare vessels

* 8.1 Mine countermeasures vessels
* 8.2 Minehunters
8.2.1 Frankenthal class mine hunter
8.2.2 Kulmbach class mine hunter
8.2.3 Tripartite minehunter
* 8.3 Minesweepers
8.3.1 Ensdorf class minesweeper
8.3.2 Seehund ROV (part of the TROIKA Plus system of the Ensdorf class mine sweepers)
* 8.4 Minelayers
8.4.1 Hämeenmaa class minelayer
8.4.2 Pansiclass minelayer
8.4.3 Pohjanmaa class minelayer

# 9 Amphibious warfare vessels

* 9.1 Amphibious assault ships
* 9.2 Amphibious transport docks
* 9.3 Landing Ship Tank (LST)
* 9.4 Medium landing craft
* 9.5 Hovercraft landing craft



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