List of torpedoes
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Torpedo classes and diameters

Torpedoes are launched several ways:
From a torpedo tube mounted either in a trainable deck mount (common in destroyers), or fixed above or below the waterline of a surface vessel (as in cruisers, battleships, and armed merchant cruisers) or submarine.
Early submarines, and some torpedo boats (such as the U.S. World War II PT boats, which used the Mark 13 aircraft torpedo) used deck-mounted "drop collars", which simply relied on gravity.
From shackles aboard low-flying aircraft or helicopters.
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List of torpedoes

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1 By country
1.1 Europe
1.2 France
1.3 Germany
1.4 Japan
1.5 Russia and the Soviet Union
1.6 Sweden
1.7 United Kingdom
1.8 United States
2 By name

1. By country
DCN BlackShark 533 mm torpedo (Modern)
EuroTorp A244 324 mm torpedo (Modern)
EuroTorp MU90 Impact 324 mm torpedo (Modern)
DCN F17 533 mm torpedo (Modern)

G7a torpedo (WWII, wet heater)
G7e torpedo (WWII, electric, some versions with passive homing)
F5B torpedo (WWII, wet heater, dropped from aircraft)
DM1 Seeschlange (Cold War, electric, wire guided ASW torpedo)
DM2A1 Seeaal (Cold War, electric, wire guided, passive homing)
DM2A3 Seehecht (Modern, electric, wire guided, passive/active homing)
DM2A4 Seehecht (Modern, enhanced DM2A3)
SST4 (Cold War, electric, anti ship torpedo derived from the DM1/DM2 for export, wire guided, passive homing, anti ship, impact fuse)
SUT (Modern, enhanced SST4 for ASW/ASuW with magnetic proximity or impact fuse and active/passive homing)

Kaiten manned torpedo (World War II)
Type 91 torpedo (450 mm) (World War II)
Type 92 torpedo (533 mm) (World War II)
Type 93 torpedo (610 mm) (World War II)
Type 95 torpedo (610 mm) (World War II)
Type 97 torpedo (450 mm) (World War II)

Russia and the Soviet Union
Type 53 torpedo (533 mm) (Cold War)
Type 65 torpedo (650 mm) (Cold War)
VA-111 Shkval supercavitating torpedo (Russia; Modern)

Saab Torpedo 2000 (Modern)

United Kingdom
BAe Spearfish torpedo 533 mm torpedo (Modern)
BAe Sting Ray torpedo 324 mm torpedo (Modern)
Brennan Torpedo (Victorian Age)
Mark 24 Tigerfish 533 mm torpedo (Cold War)

United States
CAPTOR mine encapsulated torpedo mine (using the Mark 46) (Cold War)
Mark 44 324 mm torpedo (Cold War)
Mark 46 438 mm torpedo (Cold War)
Mark 48 533 mm torpedo (Cold War/Modern)
Mark 50 324 mm torpedo (Modern)
Mark 54 LHT Lightweight Hybrid Torpedo (Modern)

2. By name
A244 324 mm torpedo by EuroTorp (Europe; Modern)
BlackShark 533 mm torpedo by DCN (Europe; Modern)
Brennan Torpedo (United Kingdom; Victorian Age)
CAPTOR mine encapsulated torpedo ASW mine (United States; Cold War)
DM2 torpedo (Germany; Modern)
F17 533 mm torpedo by DCN (France; Modern)
Kaiten manned torpedo (Japan; WW2)
Long Lance (American familiar name for Japan's Type 93 torpedo)
Mark 44 324 mm torpedo (United States; Cold War)
Mark 46 438 mm torpedo (United States; Cold War)
Mark 48 533 mm torpedo (United States; Cold War/Modern)
Mark 50 324 mm torpedo (United States; Modern)
Mark 54 LHT Lightweight Hybrid Torpedo (United States; Modern)
MU90 Impact 324 mm torpedo (Europe; Modern)
Saab Torpedo 2000 (Sweden; Modern)
Spearfish 533 mm torpedo (United Kingdom; Modern)
Sting Ray 324 mm torpedo (United Kingdom; Modern)
Type 53 torpedo (533 mm) (Soviet Union; Cold War)
Type 65 torpedo (650 mm) (Soviet Union; Cold War)
Type 91 torpedo (450 mm) (Japan; World War II)
Type 92 torpedo (533 mm) (Japan; World War II)
Type 93 torpedo (610 mm) (Japan; World War II)
Type 95 torpedo (610 mm) (Japan; World War II)
Type 97 torpedo (450 mm) (Japan; World War II)
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As the final stage of a compound rocket or ramjet powered munition (sometimes called an assisted torpedo).

Many navies have two weights of torpedoes:

A light torpedo used primarily as a close attack weapon, particularly by aircraft.
A heavy torpedo used primarily as a standoff weapon, particularly by submerged submarines.

In the case of deck or tube launched torpedoes, the diameter of the torpedo is obviously a key factor in determining the suitability of a particular torpedo to a tube or launcher, similar to the caliber of the gun. The size is not quite as critical as for a gun, but diameter has become the most common way of classifying torpedoes.

Length, weight, and other factors also contribute to compatibility. In the case of aircraft launched torpedoes, the key factors are weight, provision of suitable attachment points, and launch speed. Assisted torpedoes are the most recent development in torpedo design, and are normally engineered as an integrated package. Versions for aircraft and assisted launching have sometimes been based on deck or tube launched versions, and there has been at least one case of a submarine torpedo tube being designed to fire an aircraft torpedo.

As in all munition design, there is a compromise between standardisation, which simplifies manufacture and logistics, and specialisation, which may make the weapon significantly more effective. Small improvements in either logistics or effectiveness can translate into enormous operational advantages.
Mark 30 torpedo on display at DCAE Cosford.

Some common torpedo diameters (using the most common designation, metric or inch, and listed in increasing order of size):

12.75 inch (approximately 324 mm) is the most common size for light torpedoes.
15 inch torpedoes were mounted on Russian torpedo boat destroyers (TBDs) during the Russo-Japanese War in 1904-1905. After the war, the Imperial Russian Navy re-armed their TBDs with 18" torpedoes.[36]
406 mm (16 inch) was the size of the earliest specialised Soviet ASW torpedoes. 16-inch (406 mm) torpedo tubes were fitted to Soviet Hotel, Echo and early Delta class submarines, often in addition to 21-inch (530 mm) tubes.
450 mm (17.7 inch) was the standard size for light torpedoes of the Imperial Japanese Navy. It was also widely used by Italian Navy (Regia Marina) during World War II; it was the common size of the torpedo used by torpedo bomber. This size is sometimes referred to as 18 inches (460 mm).
483 mm (19 inch) was the size for the first U.S. homing torpedo, the Mark 24, also known as Fido.
533 mm (21 inch) is the most common size for heavy torpedoes, including:
Allied torpedoes of World War II
Imperial Japanese Navy submarine-fired torpedoes
Torpedoes of the Kriegsmarine
NATO torpedoes
Some Soviet and Russian torpedoes, including the current ASW models
550 mm (approximately 21.7 inches) was the standard size for French Navy torpedoes until France joined NATO and switched to 533 mm
610 mm (24 inch) torpedoes, the infamous World War II Type 93 'Long Lance', were used by Imperial Japanese Navy destroyers and cruisers, and as the basis for some Kaiten.
650 mm (approximately 25.6 inches) is the largest torpedo diameter used by the Russian navy, such as the Type 65. Adaptors are used to fire 533 mm (21 inch) models from 650 mm tubes.

Even larger sizes of torpedo tube, including 660 mm (26 inches), 762 mm (30 inches), and 916 mm (about 36 inches), have been installed on some nuclear submarines. These tubes are designed to be capable of firing large diameter munitions such as cruise missiles, as well as the standard 21 inch heavy torpedo.



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List of torpedoes