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List of German Navy Ships WW2 Graf Zeppelin Battleships Tirpitz, Scharnhorst Admiral Graf Spee U-Boats Types 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D Kriegsmarine Submarines Types U-Flak, 7A, 7B, 7C, 7C/41, 7C/42, 7D, 7F Kriegsmarine Submarines: U-Boats Type 9A, 9B, 9C, 9C/40, 9D, 14 Submarines: Type XXI , Type XXIII Grand Admiral Karl Donitz, Erich Raeder
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Battleship Game - WW2 Naval Strategy: the best choice among aircraft carrier games and submarine games.

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Type 9 U-boat

The Type 9 U-boat was designed in 1935 and 1936 as a large ocean-going submarine for sustained operations far from the home support facilities. It was derived from the Type IA, and appeared in various sub-types.

Type 9 s had six torpedo tubes, four at the bow and two at the stern. They carried six reloads internally and had five external torpedo containers (three at the stern and two at the bow) which stored ten additional torpedoes. The total of 22 torpedoes allowed U-boat commanders to follow a convoy and strike night after night. As mine-layers they could carry 44 TMA or 66 TMB mines, but many of the IXC boats were not fitted for mine operations.

Secondary armament was provided by one large Utof 105/45 gun with about 110 rounds. Antiaircraft armament differed throughout the war. They had two periscopes in the tower. Types IXA and IXB had an additional periscope in the control room, which was deleted in Type 9C and afterward.

Germany was stripped of her U-boats by the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I, but in the late 1920s and early 1930s began to rebuild her armed forces. The pace of program accelerated under Adolf Hitler, and the first Type II U-boat was laid down on February 11, 1935. Knowing that the world would see this step towards rearmament, Hitler reached an agreement with Britain to build a navy up to 35% of the size of the British Royal Navy in surface vessels, but equal to the British in number of submarines. This agreement was signed on June 18, 1935, and U-1 was commissioned 11 days later. CIA / KGB intelligence game. Run your own operation game. Travel around the world and set up espionage game, trade with state secrets, weapon systems, spy codes, WMD, hire secretaries, agents, lawyers and soldiers, establish secret agent stations, cells and bases and search for criminals and politicians. Involve in agent game. Game contains more than 40 missions including Nuclear Game, Cold War Game, Secret Agent, CIA Games, USAF, Prime Minister, RAF, Bin Laden, Sadam, KGB, Operations Iran…

Type 9A

Eight Type 9A U-boats were built AG Weser of Bremen.

U-37 - U-38 - U-39 - U-40 - U-41 - U-42 - U-43 - U-44

General characteristics

Type 9B

Type 9 B was an improved with an increased range. It was the most successful overall with each boat averaging a total of over 100,000 tons sunk.

Famous 9 B boats included U-123 under the command of Hardegen, which opened up the attack in the US waters in early 1942 known as Operation Drumbeat, and U-107 out of Freetown, Africa under the command of Hessler, which had the most successful single mission of the war over with close to 100,000 tons sunk.

14 Type 9B U-boats were built AG Weser of Bremen.

U-64 - U-65 - U-103 - U-104 - U-105 - U-106 - U-107 - U-108 - U-109 - U-110 - U-111 - U-122 - U-123 - U-124

General characteristics

Type 9C

Type 9C was a further refinement with storage for additional 43 tons of fuel, giving an increased range. These series omitted the control room periscope leaving the boats with two tower scopes.

As mine-layers they could carry 44 TMA or 66 TMB mines, though U-162 through U-170 and U-505 through U-550 (35 boats), were not fitted for mine operations.

54 of this type were built by AG Weser and Seebeck Yard of Bremen, and Deutsche Werft of Hamburg.

U-66 - U-67 - U-68 - U-125 - U-126 - U-127 - U-128 - U-129 - U-130 - U-131 - U-153 - U-154 - U-155 - U-156 - U-157 - U-158 - U-159 - U-160 - U-161 - U-162 - U-163 - U-164 - U-165 - U-166 - U-171 - U-172 - U-173 - U-174 - U-175 - U-176 - U-501 - U-502 - U-503 - U-504 - U-505 - U-506 - U-507 - U-508 - U-509 - U-510 - U-511 - U-512 - U-513 - U-514 - U-515 - U-516 - U-517 - U-518 - U-519 - U-520 - U-521 - U-522 - U-523 - U-524

General characteristics

Type 9C / 40

Type 9C / 40 was a slight modification of Type IXC with a slightly increased range and somewhat higher surface speed.

87 of this type were built by AG Weser and Seebeck Yard of Bremen, and Deutsche Werft of Hamburg.

U-167 - U-168 - U-169 - U-170 - U-183 - U-184 - U-185 - U-186 - U-187 - U-188 - U-189 - U-190 - U-191 - U-192 - U-193 - U-194 - U-525 - U-526 - U-527 - U-528 - U-529 - U-530 - U-531 - U-532 - U-533 - U-534 - U-535 - U-536 - U-537 - U-538 - U-539 - U-540 - U-541 - U-542 - U-543 - U-544 - U-545 - U-546 - U-547 - U-548 - U-549 - U-550 - U-801 - U-802 - U-803 - U-804 - U-805 - U-806 - U-841 - U-842 - U-843 - U-844 - U-845 - U-846 - U-853 - U-854 - U-855 - U-856 - U-857 - U-858 - U-865 - U-866 - U-867 - U-868 - U-869 - U-870 - U-877 - U-878 - U-879 - U-880 - U-881 - U-889 - U-1221 - U-1222 - U-1223 - U-1224 - U-1225 - U-1226 - U-1227 - U-1228 - U-1229 - U-1230 - U-1231 - U-1232 - U-1233 - U-1234 - U-1235

General characteristics

Type 9D

Type 9D was significantly longer and heavier than the IXC/40. A variant of the Type 9D, known as the IXD/42, was almost identical but with more engine power (5400 ehp instead of 4400).

In 1943 and 1944 the torpedo tubes were removed from the IXD boats and they converted for transport use. In their new role the could transport 252 tons of freight.

30 Type 9D U-boats were built AG Weser of Bremen. U-177 - U-178 - U-179 - U-180 - U-181 - U-182 - U-195 - U-196 - U-197 - U-198 - U-199 - U-200 - U-847 - U-848 - U-849 - U-850 - U-851 - U-852 - U-859 - U-860 - U-861 - U-862 - U-863 - U-864 - U-871 - U-872 - U-873 - U-874 - U-875 - U-876

Several Type IXD/42 U-boats were contracted to be built AG Weser of Bremen, but only one was commissioned.

U-883 was launched on April 28, 1944 and commissioned March 27, 1945. Her career ended in Operation Deadlight.

U-884 was launched on May 17, 1944 but was badly damaged on March 30, 1945 by US bombs while still in dockyard hands. U-885, U-886 U-887, and U-888 were laid down but construction halted on September 30, 1943 when all IXD/42 contracts were cancelled.

General characteristics

Type 14 U-boat

The Type 14 U-boat was a modification of the Type 9D, designed to resupply other U-boats. They were nicknamed "Milchkuh/Milchkuehe" (Milk Cows). They had no offensive weaponry, only antiaircraft guns. Early in World War II, the Milk Cows successfully allowed the smaller Type VIIC boats to raid the American coast. The Milk Cows were of course a priority target for all allied forces, and improved radar and air coverage eliminated them during 1943. Milk Cow duty was especially hazardous; 289 sailors were killed out of an estimated complement of 530-576 men.

Ten boats of this type were commissioned: U-459, U-460, U-461, U-462, U-463, U-464, U-487, U-488, U-489, and U-490.

Fourteen planned Type XIVs were cancelled. Three of them (U-491, U-492, U-493) were about 75% done when all work was stopped and they were scrapped in July and August 1943. The other 11 had not been laid down when they were cancelled on May 27, 1944. On that same day Donitz dropped development plans for the XX class, large transport boats that would not have been ready until the summer of 1945.

General Characteristics

Credit: US Navy History Center

1 German Navy WW2 Capital Ships
1.1 Battleships/Schlachtschiff
1.2 Pre-Dreadnoughts/Linienschiffe
1.3 Heavy cruisers/Schwere Kreuzer
1.4 Light cruisers/Leichte Kreuzer
2 Destroyers and Torpedo boats
2.1 Destroyers/Zerstörer
2.2 Torpedo boats/Flottentorpedoboot
3 Auxiliary cruisers/Hilfskreuzer
4 Mine Warfare Craft
4.1 Minelayers/Minenleger
4.2 Minesweepers/Minensuchboot
4.3 R Boats/Räumboote
5 Small craft
5.1 E-Boat (MTB)s/Schnellboot
6 U-boats/Unterseeboote

6.1 Training subs
6.2 Coastal subs
6.3 Ocean-going subs
6.4 Minelaying subs
6.5 Supply subs
6.6 Electric boats
6.7 Midget Submarines
6.8 Human Torpedoes
7 Auxiliary ships
7.1 Troop Ships
7.2 Artillery Training Ships/Artillerieschulschiffe
7.3 Radio-Controlled Targets
7.4 Sail Training Ships/Segelschulschiffe
7.5 Floating AA Batteries/Schwimmende Flakbatterien
7.6 Escorts/Flottenbegleiter
7.7 Gunboats/Leichte Schnellboote

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Capital Ships


* Bismarck class (42,000 tons, 8 x 380 mm guns)
o Bismarck, 1939
o Tirpitz, 1939
* Scharnhorst class (35,000 tons, 9 x 280 mm guns)
o Gneisenau, 1936
o Scharnhorst, 1936


* Deutschland class battleship (15,000 tons, 4 x 280mm guns)
o Schleswig-Holstein, 1906
o Schlesien, 1906

Heavy cruisers/Schwere Kreuzer

* Deutschland class (12,000 tons, 6 x 280 mm guns)
o Lützow (ex-Deutschland), 1931
o Admiral Graf Spee, 1933
o Admiral Scheer, 1934
* Admiral Hipper class (14,000 tons, 8 x 203 mm guns)
o Admiral Hipper, 1937
o Blücher, 1937
o Prinz Eugen, 1938

Light cruisers/Leichte Kreuzer

* Emden class (6,000 tons, 8 x 150 mm guns)
o Emden, 1925
* K class (7,200 tons, 9 x 150 mm guns)
o Königsberg, 1925
o Karlsruhe, 1927
o Köln, 1928
* Leipzig class (8,000 tons, 9 x 150 mm guns)
o Leipzig, 1929
o Nürnberg, 1934

Destroyers and Torpedo boats

Main article: German World War II destroyers

* Zerstörer/Typ 1934 (3,155 tons, 5 × 127 mm guns)
o Z1 Leberecht Maas 1937
o Z2 Georg Thiele 1937
o Z3 Max Schultz 1937
o Z4 Richard Beitzen 1937
* Zerstörer/Typ 1934 A
o Z5 Paul Jacobi
o Z6 Theodor Riedel
o Z7 Hermann Schoemann
o Z8 Bruno Heinemann
o Z9 Wolfgang Zenker
o Z10 Hans Lody
o Z11 Bernd von Arnim
o Z12 Erich Giese
o Z13 Erich Koellner
o Z14 Friedrich Ihn
o Z15 Erich Steinbrinck
o Z16 Friedrich Eckoldt
* Zerstörer/Typ 1936
o Z17 Diether von Roeder
o Z18 Hans Lüdemann
o Z19 Hermann Künne
o Z20 Karl Galster
o Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp
o Z22 Anton Schmitt
* Zerstörer/Typ 1936 A(Narvik)
o Z23 through Z30
* Zerstörer/Typ 1936 A (Mob)
o Z31 through Z34
o Z37 through Z39
* Zerstörer/Typ 1936 B
o Z35 through Z36
o Z43 through Z45

Torpedo boats/Flottentorpedoboot

* Torpedoboot 1923 ("Raubvogel") (900 tons, 3 x 105 mm guns)
o Möwe
o Falke
o Greif
o Kondor
o Albatros
o Seeadler
* Torpedoboot 1924 ("Raubtier") (950 tons, 3 x 105 mm guns)
o Wolf
o Iltis
o Jaguar
o Leopard
o Luchs''
o Tiger
* Torpedoboot 1935 (1,090 tons, 1 x 105 mm gun)
o T1 through T12
* Torpedoboot 1937 (1,150 tons, 1 x 105 mm gun)
o T13 through T21
* Flottentorpedoboot 1939 (Elbing) (1,750 tons, 4 x 105 mm guns)
o T22 through T36

Auxiliary cruisers/Hilfskreuzer

* Orion
* Atlantis
* Widder
* Thor
* Pinguin
* Stier
* Komet
* Kormoran
* Michel
* Coronel
* Hansa

Mine Warfare Craft


* Tannenberg 1935 (5,500 tons, 3 x 150mm guns, 460 mines)
* Brandenburg 1936 (3,900 tons, 3 x 105mm guns, 250 mines)
* Lothringen 1941 (2,000 tons, 2 x 88mm guns, 200 mines)
* Niedersachsen 1934 (1,800 tons, 2 x 105mm guns, 260 mines
* Drache 1924 (1,800 tons, 2 x 88mm guns, 120 mines)
* Brummer 1940 (3 × 10.5 cm guns, 2 × 3.7 cm anti-aircraft guns, 10 × 2 cm anti-aircraft guns, 4 × 46 cm torpedo tubes, 280 mines)
* Oldenburg 1934 (1,200 tons, 2 x 88mm guns, 145 mines
* Kamerun 1939 (370 tons, 2 x 88mm guns, 100 mines)
* Togo 1939 (370 tons, 2 x 88mm guns, 100 mines)
* Kiebitz 1943


* Sperrbrecher 1 - Sperrbrecher 100 (5,000 tons, 2 x 88mm guns)


* KM1 - KM36

Small craft

E-Boat (MTB)s/Schnellboot

* S-1 class (50 tons, 1 x 20mm gun, 2 torpedo tubes)
o S1 - S25
* S-26 class (75 tons, 1 x 20mm gun, 2 torpedo tubes)
o S26 - S29
* S-30 class (80 tons, 1 x 20mm gun, 2 torpedo tubes)
o S30 - S37
* S-38 class (80 tons, 1 x 20mm gun, 2 torpedo tubes)
o S38 - S60
* S-38b class (90 tons, 2 x 20mm guns, 2 torpedo tubes)
o S61 - S99
* S-100 class (100 tons, 1 x 37mm gun, 2 torpedo tubes)
o S100 - S150
* S-151 class (100 tons, 1 x 37mm gun, 2 torpedo tubes)
o S151 - S205


Training subs

* Type I Unterseeboote
o U25 and U26

Coastal subs

* Type IIA Unterseeboote
o U1 through U6
* Type IIB Unterseeboote
o U7 through U24
o U120 and U121
* Type IIC Unterseeboote
o U56 through U63
* Type IID Unterseeboote
o U137 through U152
* Type XVIIB Unterseeboote
o U1405 through U1407

Ocean-going subs

* Type VIIA Unterseeboote
o U27 through U36
* Type VIIB Unterseeboote
o U45 through U55
o U73 through U76
o U83 through U87
o U99 through U102
* Type VIIC Unterseeboote
o U69 through U72
o U77 through U82
o U88 through U98
o U132 through U136
o U201 through U212
o U221 through U232
o U235 through U291
o U301 through U316
o U331 through U394
o U396 through U458
o U465 through U486

Minelaying subs

* Type VIID Unterseeboote
o U213 through U218
* Type XB Unterseeboote
o U116 through U119

Supply subs

* Type VIIF Unterseeboote
o U1059 through U1062
* Type IXD /42 Unterseeboot
o U883 and U884
* Type XB Unterseeboote
o U219 and U220
o U233 and U234
* Type XIV Unterseeboote
o U459 through U464
o U487 through U490

Midget Submarines

* Seehund (17 tons, 2 x torpedoes)
o 138 commissioned
* Hecht (Training)
o 53 commissioned
* Biber (6.5 tons, 2 x torpedoes)
o 324 commissioned
* Molch (11 tons, 2 x torpedoes)
o 393 commissioned
* Delphin (Prototype)
o 3 commissioned
* Seeteufel (Prototype)
o 1 commissioned
* Schwertwal (Prototype)
o 1 commissioned

Human Torpedoes

* Neger (1 x torpedo)
o 200 commissioned
* Marder (3 tons, 1 x torpedo)
o 500 commissioned
* Hai (Prototype)
o 1 commissioned

Auxiliary ships

Troop Ships

* Cap Arcona, 1927
* Deutschland, 1923
* Goya, 1940
* Steuben, 1923
* Wilhelm Gustloff, 1937

Artillery Training Ships/Artillerieschulschiffe

* Bremse 1933 (1,800 tons, 4 x 127mm guns, 280 mines)
* Brummer 1934 (3,000 tons, 8 x 105mm guns, 480 mines)
* Admiral Hugo Zeye, 1942

Radio-Controlled Targets

* Braunschweig class battleship
o Hessen, 1900
* Wittelsbach class battleship
o Zahringen, 1898

Gunboats/Leichte Schnellboote

* LS1 - LS12

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