South Carolina Battleship Class, Delaware Class, Florida Battleship Class, Wyoming Class, New York Class, Nevada Class, Pennsylvania Class, New
Mexico Battleship Class, Tennessee Class, Colorado Class, South Dakota Class, North Carolina
Battleship Class, Iowa Battleship Class, Montana Class


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BattleFleet Pacific War Naval Strategy Game
Battleship Game is a turn-based strategy naval game, extension to classic Battleship game, where ships, submarines and planes can move!
for PC All Windows
US Battleships Standard types
* 4.3.1 Nevada class
* 4.3.2 Pennsylvania class
* 4.3.3 New Mexico class
* 4.3.4 Tennessee class
* 4.3.5 Colorado class
* 4.3.6 South Dakota class
US Battleships World War II era
* 4.4.1 North Carolina class
* 4.4.2 South Dakota class
* 4.4.3 Iowa class
* 4.4.4 Montana class
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World War 2 Edition

Battleship Game
World War 2
Battleship Game - WW2 Naval Strategy

Battleship Game - WW2 Naval Strategy: the best choice among aircraft carrier games and submarine games and battleship games.

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U.S. Navy battleship construction began with the keel laying of the Maine in 1888 and ended with the suspension of the incomplete Kentucky in 1947. During this almost 60 years long era, 59 battleships of 23 different basic battleship classes were completed for the US Navy. Another twenty battleships and battle cruisers (three more "classes") were begun or planned, but not completed.

Though the building rate averaged almost exactly one per year, it was not a steady process, but was concentrated in two phases. The first, corresponding to the rise of the United States to first-class naval rank, began in 1888 and came to an abrupt halt with the signing of the Naval Limitations Treaty in 1922. The second building phase began in 1937 and was effectively finished in 1944 with the commissioning of battleship USS Missouri (BB-63), the last of ten battleships completed during this period. CIA / KGB Operation Game. Run your own intelligence game. Travel around the world and set up espionage game, trade with state secrets, weapon systems, spy codes, WMD, hire secretaries, agents, lawyers and soldiers, establish secret agent stations, cells and bases and search for criminals and politicians. Involve in agent game. Game contains more than 40 missions including Nuclear Game, Cold War Game, Secret Agent, CIA Games, USAF, Prime Minister, RAF, Bin Laden, Sadam, KGB, Operations Iran…

These battleships can be conveniently divided into four main groups:
Two experimental second-class battleships, of about 6000 tons, begun in the late 1880s (Maine and Texas);
Twenty-five battleships (eight "classes") with mixed main batteries of large and medium caliber guns, ranging in size from about 10,000 tons to 16,000 tons, begun from 1891 to 1905;
Twenty-nine battleships (eleven "classes") and six battle cruisers (one "class") with "all-big-gun" main batteries, begun between 1906 and 1919 and ranging from 16,000 tons to over 42,000 tons (including seven battleships and six battle cruisers cancelled in 1922);
Seventeen faster big-gun 35,000-60,500 ton battleships (four "classes") begun in 1937-41 (including seven 45,000-60,500 ton ships cancelled or suspended in 1943-47).
Gun caliber, as well as ship size, grew steadily, from ten inches in Maine to sixteen inches in the ships finished in the 'Twenties and afterwards. Effective gunnery range also increased, from a few thousand yards to about twenty miles.

Except for the fast Lexington Class battle cruisers and Iowa Class battleships, these were all relatively slow vessels, as heavily armored as they were armed, intended primarily to steam in formation with their "sisters" and slug it out with similar opponents, using their powerful guns to settle the matter. In their day, they were the "Queens of the Sea", the foundation of national strategic offense and defense. That "day" ended only with the arrival, effectively just before the start of World War II, of aircraft that could not only out-range the big guns, but also deliver blows of equal or greater power. Thereafter, at least in the daylight when the planes could fly, battleships performed as auxiliaries to aircraft carriers.

The Second World War brought another mission, shore-bombardment, in which the fire of heavy guns was precisely directed against enemy facilities ashore, to pave the way for invasion or to simply destroy war-making potential. This justified the retention of the big-gun ships in the post-war era and brought them back to active duty on three different occasions. Even today, some fifty-six years after the last battleship was completed, two are kept on the Naval Vessel Register for possible future employment in that role.

  • Two experimental second-class battleships, of about 6000 tons, begun under the Fiscal Year 1887 program:

    - Texas (Originally classified as a battleship. Reclassified as a second-class battleship about 1894.); and
    - Maine (Originally Armored Cruiser #1. Reclassified as a second-class battleship about 1894.)

  • Eight classes of "mixed-caliber" main battery battleships begun under the Fiscal Year 1891-1904 programs:
    (NOTE: These classes will be added gradually during 2001)

    - Indiana Class (Battleships #s 1 through 3) -- Fiscal Year 1891;
    - Iowa (Battleship # 4) -- Fiscal Year 1893;
    - Kearsarge Class (Battleships #s 5 & 6) -- Fiscal Year 1896;
    - Illinois Class (Battleships #s 7 through 9) -- Fiscal Year 1897;
    - Maine Class (Battleships #s 10 through 12) -- Fiscal Year 1899;
    - Virginia Class (Battleships #s 13 through 17) -- Fiscal Years 1900 & 1901;
    - Connecticut Class (Battleships #s 18 through 22 & 25) -- Fiscal Years 1903, 1904 & 1905;
    - Mississippi Class (Battleships #s 23 through 24) -- Fiscal Year 1904;

  • Eleven classes of "all-big-gun" battleships begun under the Fiscal Year 1906-1919 programs:
  • - South Carolina Class (Battleship #s 26 & 27) -- Fiscal Year 1906;
    - Delaware Class (Battleship #s 28 & 29) -- Fiscal Years 1907 and 1908;
    - Florida Class (Battleship #s 30 & 31) -- Fiscal Year 1909;
    - Wyoming Class (Battleship #s 32 & 33) -- Fiscal Year 1910;
    - New York Class (Battleship #s 34 & 35) -- Fiscal Year 1911;
    - Nevada Class (Battleship #s 36 & 37) -- Fiscal Year 1912;
    - Pennsylvania Class (Battleship #s 38 & 39) -- Fiscal Years 1913-14;
    - New Mexico Class (Battleship #s 40 through 42) -- Fiscal Year 1915;
    - Tennessee Class (BB-43 & BB-44) -- Fiscal Year 1916;
    - Colorado Class (BB-45 through BB-48) -- Fiscal Year 1917;
    - South Dakota Class (BB-49 through BB-54) -- Fiscal Years 1918

  • One class of battle cruisers:

    Lexington Class (CC-1 through CC-6) -- Fiscal Years 1917-19.

  • Four classes of battleships built or planned under the Fiscal Year 1937-41 programs:

    - North Carolina Class (BB-55 & BB-56) -- Fiscal Year 1937;
    - South Dakota Class (BB-57 through BB-60) -- Fiscal Year 1939;
    - Iowa Class (BB-61 through BB-66) -- Fiscal Year 1940-41;
    - Montana Class (BB-67 through BB-72) -- Fiscal Year 1941.

Battleship Definition

A battleship is a large, heavily armored warship with a main battery consisting of the largest calibre of guns.. Battleships were larger, better armed, and better armored than cruisers and destroyers.

Battleship design continually evolved to incorporate and adapt technological advances to maintain an edge. The word battleship was coined around 1794 and is a shortened form of line-of-battle ship, the dominant wooden warship during the Age of Sail. The term came into formal use in the late 1880s to describe a type of ironclad warship, now referred to as pre-dreadnought battleships. In 1906, the launch of HMS Dreadnought heralded a revolution in battleship design. Following battleship designs that were influenced by the HMS Dreadnought were referred to as "dreadnoughts".

Battleships were a potent symbol of naval dominance and national might, and for decades the battleship was a major factor in both diplomacy and military strategy. The global arms race in battleship construction in the early 20th century was one of the causes of World War I, which saw a clash of huge battle fleets at the Battle of Jutland. The Naval Treaties of the 1920s and 1930s limited the number of battleships but did not end the evolution of design. Both the Allies and the Axis Powers deployed battleships of old construction and new during World War II.

Nevertheless, some historians and naval theorists question the value of the battleship. The Battle of Tsushima (1905) was the only decisive clash between steel battleship fleets, and apart from the indecisive Battle of Jutland (1916), there were few great battleship clashes. Despite their great firepower and protection, battleships were increasingly vulnerable to much smaller, cheaper ordnance and craft: initially the torpedo and the naval mine, and later aircraft and the guided missile. The growing range of naval engagement led to the aircraft carrier replacing the battleship as the leading capital ship during World War II. Battleships were retained by the United States Navy into the Cold War only for fire support purposes. The last battleships were removed from the U.S. Naval Vessel Register in March 2006.

(credits: US Navy History Center)

Size: 7.9Mb
Turn-based WW2 naval game, extension to the classic Submarine game (Battleship game) where ships/planes/subs can move. Contains plenty of game missions, game campaigns and 40 ship, submarine, airplane ana port artillery types, with combat maps up to 96X96 large.

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Battleship classes

* 1.1 19th century
o 1.1.1 Gloire Battleship class
o 1.1.2 Warrior Battleship class
o 1.1.3 Magenta Battleship class
o 1.1.4 Terribile Battleship class
o 1.1.5 Provence Battleship class
o 1.1.6 Principe di Carignano class
o 1.1.7 Re d'Italia Battleship class
o 1.1.8 Regina Maria Pia Battleship class
o 1.1.9 Pervenetz Battleship class
o 1.1.10 Roma Battleship class
o 1.1.11 Oc?an Battleship class
o 1.1.12 Cerebus Battleship class
o 1.1.13 Audacious Battleship class
o 1.1.14 Swiftsure Battleship class
o 1.1.15 Devastation Battleship class
o 1.1.16 Principe Amedeo Battleship class
o 1.1.17 Superb Battleship class
o 1.1.18 Colbert Battleship class
o 1.1.19 Duilio Battleship class
o 1.1.20 Belleisle Battleship class
o 1.1.21 Ajax Battleship class
o 1.1.22 D?vastation Battleship class
o 1.1.23 Italia Battleship class
o 1.1.24 Conqueror Battleship class
o 1.1.25 Terrible Battleship class
o 1.1.26 Dingyuan Battleship class
o 1.1.27 Admiral Battleship class
o 1.1.28 Amiral Baudin Battleship class
o 1.1.29 Ruggiero di Lauria Battleship class
o 1.1.30 Colossus Battleship class
o 1.1.31 Ekaterina II Battleship class
o 1.1.32 Victoria Battleship class
o 1.1.33 Marceau Battleship class
o 1.1.34 Imperator Aleksandr II Battleship class
o 1.1.35 Re Umberto Battleship class
o 1.1.36 Trafalgar Battleship class
o 1.1.37 Royal Sovereign Battleship class
o 1.1.38 Centurion Battleship class
o 1.1.39 Brandenburg Battleship class
o 1.1.40 Evertsen Battleship class
o 1.1.41 Petropavlovsk Battleship class
o 1.1.42 Monarch Battleship class
o 1.1.43 Indiana Battleship class
o 1.1.44 Majestic Battleship class
o 1.1.45 Charlemagne Battleship class
o 1.1.46 Fuji Battleship class
o 1.1.47 Emanuele Filiberto Battleship class
o 1.1.48 Kaiser Friedrich III Battleship class
o 1.1.49 Shikishima Battleship class
o 1.1.50 Peresviet Battleship class
o 1.1.51 Canopus Battleship class
o 1.1.52 Herluf Trolle Battleship class
* 1.2 20th century
o 1.2.1 Kearsarge Battleship class
o 1.2.2 Illinois Battleship class
o 1.2.3 Habsburg Battleship class
o 1.2.4 Koningin Regentes Battleship class
o 1.2.5 Borodino Battleship class
o 1.2.6 Regina Margherita Battleship class
o 1.2.7 Virginia Battleship class
o 1.2.8 Formidable Battleship class
o 1.2.9 Maine Battleship class
o 1.2.10 Wittelsbach Battleship class
o 1.2.11 R?publique Battleship class
o 1.2.12 King Edward VII Battleship class
o 1.2.13 Duncan Battleship class
o 1.2.14 Swiftsure Battleship class
o 1.2.15 Erzherzog Karl Battleship class
o 1.2.16 Libert? Battleship class battleship
o 1.2.17 Braunschweig Battleship class
o 1.2.18 Vittorio Emanuele Battleship class
o 1.2.19 Katori Battleship class
o 1.2.20 Connecticut Battleship class
o 1.2.21 Deutschland Battleship class
o 1.2.22 Evstafi Battleship class
o 1.2.23 Andrei Pervozvanny Battleship class
o 1.2.24 Mississippi Battleship class
o 1.2.25 Invincible Battleship class battlecruiser
o 1.2.26 Nassau Battleship class
o 1.2.27 Lord Nelson Battleship class
o 1.2.28 Bellerophon Battleship class
o 1.2.29 Danton Battleship class
o 1.2.30 Radetzky Battleship class
o 1.2.31 Kawachi Battleship class
o 1.2.32 St. Vincent Battleship class
o 1.2.33 South Carolina Battleship class
o 1.2.34 Minas Gerais Battleship class
o 1.2.35 Satsuma Battleship class
o 1.2.36 Delaware Battleship class
o 1.2.37 Indefatigable Battleship class battlecruiser
o 1.2.38 Neptune Battleship class
o 1.2.39 Colossus Battleship class
o 1.2.40 Moltke Battleship class battlecruiser
o 1.2.41 Florida Battleship class
o 1.2.42 Courbet Battleship class
o 1.2.43 Helgoland Battleship class
o 1.2.44 Gangut Battleship class
o 1.2.45 Imperatritsa Mariya Battleship class
o 1.2.46 Kaiser Battleship class
o 1.2.47 Orion Battleship class
o 1.2.48 Lion Battleship class battlecruiser
o 1.2.49 Wyoming Battleship class
o 1.2.50 King George V Battleship class
o 1.2.51 Tegetthoff Battleship class
o 1.2.52 Andrea Doria Battleship class
o 1.2.53 Kongo Battleship class
o 1.2.54 K?nig Battleship class
o 1.2.55 Iron Duke Battleship class
o 1.2.56 New York Battleship class
o 1.2.57 Derfflinger Battleship class battlecruiser
o 1.2.58 Rivadavia Battleship class battleship
o 1.2.59 Bretagne Battleship class
o 1.2.60 Normandie Battleship class
o 1.2.61 Fuso Battleship class
o 1.2.62 Conte di Cavour Battleship class
o 1.2.63 Borodino Battleship class battlecruiser
o 1.2.64 Queen Elizabeth Battleship class
o 1.2.65 Bayern Battleship class
o 1.2.66 Revenge Battleship class
o 1.2.67 Nevada Battleship class
o 1.2.68 Pennsylvania Battleship class
o 1.2.69 Ise Battleship class
o 1.2.70 New Mexico Battleship class
o 1.2.71 Admiral Battleship class battlecruiser
o 1.2.72 Tennessee Battleship class
o 1.2.73 Nagato Battleship class
o 1.2.74 Francesco Caracciolo Battleship class
o 1.2.75 Tosa Battleship class
o 1.2.76 Colorado Battleship class
o 1.2.77 South Dakota Battleship class
o 1.2.78 Dunkerque Battleship class
o 1.2.79 Gneisenau Battleship class
o 1.2.80 Littorio Battleship class
o 1.2.81 Richelieu Battleship class
o 1.2.82 Bismarck Battleship class
o 1.2.83 King George V Battleship class
o 1.2.84 Lion Battleship class
o 1.2.85 North Carolina Battleship class
o 1.2.86 Yamato Battleship class
o 1.2.87 South Dakota Battleship class
o 1.2.88 Iowa Battleship class
o 1.2.89 H Battleship class 1939
o 1.2.90 Montana Battleship class
o 1.2.91 H Battleship class 1944
o 1.2.92 Sovetsky Soyuz Battleship class
o 1.2.93 Vanguard Battleship class


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