Battleship War Naval Strategy Game
Naval strategy battleship game covers complete World War 2 navy operations, contains 150 missions, Death-Match and Free Hunt missions & campaigns from Lamansh and Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima and Leyte battle. Player can produce new ships/planes/subs/artillery/radar units during the game

Battleship Game WW2 (turn based strategy aircraft carrier game and submarine game) missions and scenarios:

Pearl Harbor Game
Atlantic Game 1943
Sink Cruisers Game
Midway Game
Iwo Jima Game

US Marines Game
Luftwaffe Game Pacific
Torpedo Game Boats
Bismarck Game Pacific
Destroy RAF Game
US Navy Submarine Game
Fleet Submarines Game

World War 2 Edition

Battleship Game
World War 2

Kamikaze Game
U Boat Game
Singapore Game
Swordfish Hunt
Patrol Boats
Air Supremacy
Battleships Game
Fleet Cruisers Game
Atlantic Island
Coral Sea Game
Iron Sea
Imperial Ocean
Long Convoy
Target Los Angeles
West Pacific Game
Pacific War Game
Leyte Transport
Emperor Hirohito
Normandy Game
South Pacific Game
Destroy USAF Game
Submarine Games
US Navy Game
Free Hunt Doenitz Game
Free Hunt Spruance Game
Free Hunt Halsey Game
Imperial Navy I
Royal Navy Game
Free Hunt Pearl Harbor Games
Midway II
Kriegsmarine I
Brisbane Convoy
Clear West Coast
Fall Of Australia
Battle For Leyte
Conquer Of Japan
HMAS Perth
Road To Okinawa
Orange Ports
Emperor Defense
Prince Of Wales
San Bernardino
Pacific Race
Heavy Duty
Tokio Express
Operation Sidney
Bomber Operation
Conquer Of Italy
Heavy Cruiser Game
Frigate Hunt
Santa Cruz
Lamansh Game
Azores Transport
Norway Convoy
Norway Ports
Drang Nach Ost
Convoy Pk30
Ciano Defense
Sir John Tovey
Free Hunt Andrews
Germans On Pacific
Silent Hunt
Return To Midway
Kriegsmarine Game II
Royal Air Force Game
F. Hunt Lancaster
Jamamoto Game
Free Hunt USN
Free Hunt Japan
Free Hunt RAAF
Free Hunt U Boat Game
Free Hunt Aircraft Carriers Game
Free Hunt Hawaii
Free Hunt Yamato Game
Free Hunt Iwo Jima Game
Free Hunt Pacific Game
Free Hunt Torpedos
Free Hunt Convoy
Free Hunt Germany
Free Hunt Germany II
Free Hunt Italy
Free Hunt Malaya
Free Hunt Subs Game
Free Hunt B-29 Game
Free Hunt USN 1944
Devil Island
Dragoon Carriers Game


This list of cruisers of the United States Navy includes all ships that were ever called "cruiser" till 1946. Since the nomenclature predates the hull numbering system, and there were several confusing renumberings and renamings, there are multiple entries referring to the same physical ship.

H. No. Name Date Tons Guns
CL-1, CL-2, CL-3 1908 3,750 2-5",6-3"
CL-4 Omaha 24Feb1923 7,300 12 6"
CL-5 Milwaukee 20June1923 7,300 12 6"
CL-6 Cincinnati  1 Jan1924 7,050 10 6"
CL-7 Raleigh  6Feb1924 7,050 10 6"
CL-8 Detroit 31July1923 7,050 10 6"
CL-9 Richmond  2 July1923 7,050 10 6"
CL-10 Concord  3 Nov1923 7,300 12 6"
CL-11 Trenton 19Apr1924 7,300 12 6"


H. No. Name Year Tons Guns
CL-12 Marblehead 1924 7,050 10 x 6"
CL-13 Memphis 1925 7,050 10 x 6"
CA-24 Pensacola 1930  9,100 10 x 8"
CA-25 Salt Lake City 1929 10,826 10 x 8"
CA-26 Northampton 1930  9,050  9 x 8"
CA-27 Chester 1930  9,200  9 x 8"
CA-28 Louisville 1931  9,050  9 x 8"
CA-29 Chicago 1931  9,300  9 x 8"
CA-30  Houston 1931  9,050  9 x 8"
CA-31 Augusta 1931  9,050  9 x 8"
CA-32 New Orleans 1934  9,950  9 x 8"
CA-33 Portland 1933  9,950  9 x 8"
CA-34 Astoria 1933  9,960  9 8"
CA-35 Indianapolis 1932  9,800  9 8"
CA-36 Minneapolis 1934  9,950  9 8"
CA-37 Tuscaloosa 1934  9,950  9 8"
CA-38 SanFrancisco 1934  9,950  9 8"
CA-39 Quincy 1936  9,375  9 8"
CL-40 Brooklyn 1937  9,700 15 6"
CL-41 Philadelphia 1937  9,700 15 6"
CL-42 Savannah 1938  9,475 15 6"
CL-43 Nashville 1938  9,475 15 6"
CA-44 Vincennes 1937  9,400  9 8"
CA-45 Wichita 1939 10,000  9 8"
CL-46 Phoenix 1938 10,000 15 6"
CL-47 Boise 1938   9,700 15 6"
CL-48 Honolulu 1938   9,650 15 6"
CL-49 St. Louis 1939 10,000 15 6"
CL-50 Helena 1939 10,000 15 6"
CL-51 Atlanta 1941  6,000 16 5"
CL-52 Juneau 1942  6,000 16 5"
CL-53 San Diego 1942  6,000 16 5"
CL-54 San Juan 1942  6,000 16 5"
CL-55 Cleveland 15June1942 10,000 12 6"
CL-56 Columbia 29July1942 10,000 12 6"
CL-57 Montpelier  9 Sept1942 10,000 12 6"
CL-58 Denver 15Oct1942 10,000 12 6"
CL-59 Independence 14Jan1943    
CL-60 Santa Fe 24Nov1942 10,000 12 6"
CL-61 Princeton 25Feb1943    
CL-62 Birmingham 29Jan1943 10,000 12 6"
CL-63 Mobile 24Apr1943 10,000 12 6"
CL-64 Vincennes 21Jan1944 10,000 12 6"
CL-65 Pasadena  8 June1944 10,000 12 6"
CL-66 Springfield  9 Sep1944 10,000 12 6"
CL-67 Topeka 23Dec1944 10,000 12 6"
CA-68 Baltimore 16Apr1943 13,600  9 8"
CA-69 Boston 30June1943 13,600  9 8"
CA-70 Canberra 14Oct1943 13,600  9 8"
CA-71 Quincy II 23June1943 13,600  9 8"
CA-72 Pittsburgh 10Oct1944 13,600  9 8"
CA-73 St Paul 17Feb1945 13,600  9 8"
CA-74 Columbus  8 June45 13,600  9 8"
CA-75 Helena II  4 Sept45 13,600  9 8"
CL-76 Belleau Wood 31Mar1943 13,600 9 8"
CL-77 Cowpens 28May1943 13,600 9 8"
CL-78 Monterey 17June1943 13,600 9 8"
CL-79 Cabot 24July43 13,600 9 8"
CL-80 Biloxi 31Aug1943 10,000 12 6"
CL-81 Houston 20Dec1943 10,000 12 6"
CL-82 Providence 15May45 10,000 12 6"
CL-83 Manchester 9 Oct46 10,000 12 6"
CL-85 Langley II 31Aug43    
CL-86 Vicksburg 12June1944 10,000 12 6"
CL-87 Duluth 18Sep1944 10,000 12 6"
CL-89 Miami 28Dec1943 10,000 12 6"
CL-90 Astoria 17May1944 10,000 12 6"
CL-91 Oklahoma City 22Dec1944 10,000 12 6"
CL-92 Little Rock 17June45 10,000 12 6"
CL-93 Galveston 28May58 14,600  6 6"
CL-95 Oakland 17July1943   6,000 12 5"
CL-96 Reno 28Dec1943   6,000 12 5"
CL-97 Flint 31Aug1944   6,000 12 5"
CL-98 Tucson  3 Feb1945   6,000 12 5"
CL-99 Bataan 17Nov1943 6,000 12 5"
CL-100 San Jacinto 15Nov1943 6,000 12 5"
CL-101 Amsterdam  8 Jan1945 10,000 12 6"
CL-102 Portsmouth 25June45 10,000 12 6"
CL-103 Wilkes-Barre  1 July1944 10,000 12 6"
CL-104 Atlanta  3 Dec1944 11,000 12 6"
CL-105 Dayton  7 Jan1945 10,000 12 6"
CL-106 Fargo 9 Dec 45 10,000 12 6"
CL-107 Huntington 23Feb46 10,000 12 6"
CA-119 Juneau II 15Feb46  6,000 12 5"
CL-120 Spokane 17May46  6,000 12 5"
CL-121 Fresno 27Dec46  6,000 12 5"
CA-122 Oregon City 12Feb46 13,600  9 8"
CA-123 Albany 15June46 13,600  9 8"
CA-124 Rochester 20Dec46 13,600  9 8"
CA-125 Northampton 7Mar53 12,300  
CA-130 Bremerton 29Apr45 13,600  9 8"
CA-131 Fall River  1 July45 13,600  9 8"
CA-132 Macon 1945 13,600  9 8"
CA-133 Toledo 27Oct46 13,600  9 8"
CA-134 Des Moines 16Nov48 17,000  9 8"
CA-135 Los Angeles 22July45 13,600  9 8"
CA-136 Chicago II 10Jan1945 13,600  9 8"
CA-139 Salem 1949 17,000  9 8"
CL-144 Worcester 1948 14,700  12 6"
CL-145 Roanoke 1949 14,700  12 6"
CA-148 Newport News 1949 21,000  9 8"
CB-1 Alaska 1944 27,000 9 12"
CB-2 Guam 1944 27,000 9 12"


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Turn-based WW2 naval game, extension to the classic Submarine game (Battleship game) where ships/planes/subs can move. Contains plenty of game missions, game campaigns and 40 ship, submarine, airplane ana port artillery types, with combat maps up to 96X96 large.
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